Lifeforce Renewal


Reiki is a system of hands on healing, provides deep relaxation, pain relief, peace and balancing of 7 chakra centers-energy nodes in body that hold lifeforce, prana, chi or ki.

"Reiki Attunement" is Initiation into Divine Freedom, Love, Light and Compassionate Power.  You will consciously affirm:

  • I AM ready to heal
  • I AM committed to discovering my purpose in life
  • I AM ready to open my heart and discover my true being....
  • I Forgive myself
  • I Forgive all others
  • I Cherish myself
  • I AM now willing to be responsible for everything that happens in my life

Everything is alive and pulsing with LIFEFORCE. It is an ever changing moving dance in rhythms and seasons, that run through timeless ages. 

Reiki crystal healing sessions utilize color, light and sacred geometric forms contained in crystals in combination with Reiki energy amplifying the healing process, clearing and activating the chakras & meridians.

Healing stones can communicate information to the bio-crystalline structure within the cells to encourage rejuvenation of the body; creating a unique form of “vibrational medicine”; accessing deep levels of consciousness to awaken inner healing power for a greater sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

The ReikiAttunement is a symbolic ceremony stating your intention to move forward into Love and Light.  It is a system of gentle hands on healing, offering great relaxation, peace and balance, bringing clarity to life situations.  

With Young Living Essential Oils: and Breath of Life deep breathing techniques--patients are able to reverse the acid polarity in the individual’s DNA through inhalation and direct application, stimulating emotional cleansing and renewal, releasing past trauma, reconnecting with the divine self.

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